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Fri 24 January 2014

Creating an online presence

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Embarking on a new journey is always interesting. I’ve lived on the internet as long as I can remember, but I haven’t really made a concentrated effort before now to make an online presence under my “day identity”. So this is my first real foray into that whole world. I get the sense it’s different from expressing oneself pseudonymously, as in that case there’s a sort of “identity management” that can go on – you can be anyone to anything at a click. So a major challenge here is going to be blogging relatively uninhibited given that the stakes are a bit higher with one’s name.

Besides that, I’m expecting in a while to look back on these early blog posts as a sign of how I’ve improved. So I’m not that worried if they’re not as polished as they eventually become. Generally that pattern holds in life, and I expect it to hold in blogging too.